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The role of the vet nurse is today fundamental in any modern veterinary practice around the world.
Here at assistenteveterinario.it we want to have a positive influence on veterinary medicine, to contribute to growth of the role of the vet nurse and taking part in the development of the whole industry.
Beyond all of that, I want to collaborate with you as an active part of this movement!



The Vet Nurse is a professional whose tasks include: clients’ reception, clinical and surgical spaces and equipment preparation, assistance with surgical and clinical procedures and organisation of both clinical and managerial documents in the practice.

Find out how to become a Vet Nurse in your country: discover the most recent professional development courses, read useful tips for your career and find out everything about you options to become part of today’s veterinary industry and finding a job and a passion.

Come diventare Assistente Veterinario

How to become Vet Nurse in Italy: education and tips

Find out how to become a vet nurse in Italy: courses, useful tips and all of your options to start your career in the veterinary field and finding a job you love

The role of the Veterinary Nurse

Let's find out what the veterinary nurse does, her duties, responsibilities and daily tasks: the role of the veterinary nurse

una clinica veterinaria sostenibile

A sustainable veterinary practice

Sustainability in veterinary medicine: is it possible? How to make veterinary sustainable? Let's look at some ways to make a veterinary practice sustainable

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Assistenteveterinario.it is a young educational blog for veterinary nurses around the world: find out how to be qualified in your country, be update and nuorish your curiosity for animal science. 

Here you will find information about education, international degree courses and something new about pets and their wellness.
The aim of this blog is to create a community for vet nurses and technicians in which share and exchange useful information.

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