How to become Vet Nurse in Italy: education and tips

Find out how to become a vet nurse in Italy: courses, useful tips and all of your options to start your career in the veterinary field and finding a job you love

To become a vet nurse requires strong determination and a solid scientific background in order to collaborate with and assist the work of the veterinary doctor.

The tasks of the vet nurse can be similar to those performed by a nurse in human medicine at the hospital. Because of this and other reasons which we will explore later the vet nurse in Italy requires a university-level degree or equivalent.

For the veterinary industry, the creation of the role of the vet nurse, as a qualified professional, is a great step forward for the medical team of the vet practice.

This professional role exists in many countries around the world where, differently from Italy, it’s widely recognised and accepted as an integral part of the team.

Vet nurses are versatile and dynamic professionals.
Let’s find out together their characteristics and competencies.

The role of the Vet Nurse

The tasks that a vet nurse undertakes can vary widely, according to the several facets of the veterinary practice.

They include:

  • concrete help in containing animals
  • prompt customer reception
  • general hygiene management of the workplace
  • medical and surgical nursing procedures, laboratory medicine
  • set up of surgical Theatre
  • vigilance on the patient in the pre-operative phase and post-anesthesia awakening
  • blood chemistry and cytology tests
  • administration of therapies
  • application of different types of catheters and bandages

The Italian qualified vet nurse can, further to this, take on the role of the anesthesiologist.
Granted she/he demonstrates to have the appropriate technical, scientifical, psychological and physical skills, the Vet Nurse can take care of the entire anaesthetics practice, monitoring the patient for the whole of the surgery.

Furthermore, it’s important to stress the fact that the pre-requisites to becoming a vet nurse go well beyond the love of animals.

What you need to become a Vet Nurse

The requisites to becoming a vet nurse are several:

  • Firstly, the vet nurse requires a proper scientific background, usually achieved through a dedicated University Course
  • The vet nurse, moreover, needs to have highly effective communications skills, fundamental for working in a team
  • Lastly, among many other things, manual skills, compassion, steadfastness and more are very relevant skills for a vet nurse, especially in helping animals who have been abused or who are suffering

Become a qualified Vet Nurse in Italy: University Course

In order to become a qualified vet nurse, you need to complete a three-year University Course, class L-38 offered by an Italian University, generally within the School of Medicine or the Agrarian & Zootechnical Department. The curriculum of studies must be specifically focused on Veterinary Nursing. has produced a curated list of the Italian Universities that organise courses class L-38.
Some Italian Universities (such as Udine, Teramo e Camerino) offer curriculums that are very much in line with the most recent guidelines of the veterinary industry and the veterinary nurse jobs.

The course is three years long, with the requirements of the completion of 180 university units/credits, a final thesis and an internship, generally amounting to 200 hours.

Furthermore, the course provides each student with a basic scientific background, focusing on subjects such as chemistry, biology, mathematics, economics, statistics, anatomy, physiology, pathology and parasitology.
Later on in the studies, the vet nurse student takes on more advanced subjects such as animal reproduction, cat and dog nutrition, animal behaviour, veterinary practices, pharmacology and hygiene.

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Become a qualified Vet Nurse in Italy: Online Course

Another way of becoming a Vet Nurse in Italy is to attend an online professional course.
One of the most regarded platforms to do this is Abivet, a veterinary studies service that has been educating veterinary technicians online for many years. You can find out more about them on


The veterinary Nurse is a reliable and trustworthy player in the most modern veterinary practices in Italy because she/he will be involved in so many different tasks every day. These include both animal care and veterinary doctor’s assistance and also administrative tasks.

In-depth studies are very important, together with a lot of patience, availability, kindness, practicality and great interpersonal skills.
Finally, a vet nurse must have strong motivation.

Dive in the veterinary world and transform your passion into your career.

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