Erica assistente veterinario

Erica & her passion for animals

Growing up in a family of  small farmers, Erica’s interest for the animal world doesn’t top with dog and cat, the conventional pets, but extends to all mammals, reptiles and birds.
The only thing: better stay away from spiders!

Erica & assistenteveterinario.it

The motive behind the creation of this blog is the interest in sharing with colleagues and other professionals of the veterinary industry  the passion for this kind of job and the love for science and animal medicine.
So that’s why Erica created a platform for sharing information about professional development, job opportunities and volunteering experiences and the personal growth of vet nurses in the wider context of the animal well-being industry. 

Erica & il lavoro nelle cliniche

Erica is a veterinary nurse who graduated from the University of Udine with a degree in Livestock and Animal Health, with a specialisation of Veterinary Nursing, in 2019.
She has had professional experience with small animals both in Italy, where she had an internship at the Clinica Gaspardis di Visco (UD), and in the United Kingdom.
While in London, she did a post-graduate job placement at Medivet, where she is currently working towards the recognition of her degree in the UK and the qualification as a Vet Nurse at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
Both of the practices are directed by highly qualified professionals, who are also sensitive to the most recent happenings in the veterinary world. It;s with them that Erica was able to share and improve her knowledge and experience. 

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