A day in the life of a veterinary nurse

Although there are usually no two days that are the same, I thought I’d write an article about a typical day for a veterinarian nurse at work in a veterinary practice. This is to celebrate the figure of the veterinary nurse and enhance its vital role in the daily routine of vet practice. In England, […]

A sustainable veterinary practice

Sustainability in veterinary medicine: is it possible? How to make veterinary sustainable? Let’s look at some ways to make a veterinary practice sustainable ‘Sustainable development: development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ (United Nations 1987). How can we act more responsibly towards […]

The skills of the veterinary nurse

Let’s see together what the fundamental skills of the veterinary nurse are and which are essential to carry out this wonderful job every day Prerequisites for becoming a veterinary nurse To be a veterinary nurse the requirements are the following, of equal importance and coexisting in daily practice: Loving animals. All the animals! Loving also […]

The role of the Veterinary Nurse

Let’s find out what the veterinary nurse does, her duties, responsibilities and daily tasks: the role of the veterinary nurse The veterinary nurse not only supports the work of the veterinarian every day but contributes to the overall management of the veterinary practice. She takes care of the clients’ reception, disinfection and care of surgical […]

How to become Vet Nurse in Italy: education and tips

Find out how to become a vet nurse in Italy: courses, useful tips and all of your options to start your career in the veterinary field and finding a job you love To become a vet nurse requires strong determination and a solid scientific background in order to collaborate with and assist the work of […]

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